improving Livelihood in the Arid Region 

Our story

Focus on arid and integrated development (fo-aid) is a community based on-governmental humanitarian and development organization. It operates on a not-for-profit, non-government basis with principles and philosophy aimed at effectively reaching its vision, mission and core values.

Fo-aid was established in the year 2009 as a non for profit organization by a group of highly motivated professionals who saw the need to improve the socio-economic conditions of the disadvantaged communities in north eastern region with particular emphasis on marginalized groups to alleviate human suffering which was on its peak at the time following devastating drought and other natural disasters which resulted in large scale starvation of thousands of pastoralists communities becoming idps. Foaid areas of specialization include peace building, counter violence extremism (cve) and governance and human rights. Foaidalso implements programs that accelerate development of the poor populations in rural / urban areas to increase employment opportunities and reduce poverty.

Since its inception fo-aid has continued to work with the poor and the less fortunate groups in north eastern region and gained substantial experience in community development programs, while at the same time building good working relationship with both local communities considering gender mainstreaming in all our programs,fo-aid has currently offices in wajir county and elwak in Mandera county as well.

specific focus

Strategic Goal

To contribute to the realization of peace and sustainable human development in kenyaand within the context of a marginalized communities in north eastern province.

This can be achieved through the following:

• improve food security, livelihoods and social services of the poor communities in its program coverage area,
• enhance the nomadic communities access to basic human rights.
• promote peace building and conflict management
• reduce illiteracy rates in the community through promotion of education
• contribute to better governance
• increase food production, access and improve household food security.
• promote livestock health, production, marketing and products.
• improve household incomes for poverty stricken and vulnerable groups.
• improve access to safe drinking water and appropriate sanitation and hygiene facilities.
• promote sustainability and optimal use of natural resources through conversation and proper utilization
• support employment generation for early recovery
• improve protection of vulnerable groups from marginalization, abuse and human rights violations through advocacy and capacity development.
• improve the skills of the youth through vocational and skills training and capacity building.

We Transform Your Vision and mission into Creative Results

improving livelihood in the region area and aims to Work with communities to improve their well-being through the introduction of integrated development initiatives and strengthen the capacity of the target communities

Humanitarian principles

Humanitarian principles: These principles are meant to serve as guide to the humanitarian operations of FO-AID. FO-AID principles are the product of broad


Human suffering must be addressed wherever it is found, with particular attention to the most vulnerable populations such as children, women, the disabled and the elderly


Humanitarian assistance must be provided without engaging in hostilities’ or taking sides in controversies of apolitical, religions or ideological nature.


FO-AID aims to work with communities to improve their well-being through the introduction of integrated development initiatives and strengthen the capacity of the target communities, particularly women, less fortunate youth and marginalized groups so as to manage future self- help development to make significant and positive impact in the lives of its target communities

Our mission

FO-AID strives to bring to gather the resources of the, private sector, communities and international community and the knowledge of the skilled professionals and the initiatives of the rural communities to bring about a solution to the poverty and other local underdevelopment problems in its target coverage areas.

Our offer